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Over the last 20 years yitao has developed into a leading international designer and manufacturer of air spring and air suspension products. yitao started in a small rubber workshop, has opened the way to be a prestigious brand by spreading throughout 6 continents today. During this 20 years experience, we have only focused on our work on which we have specialized in air spring production and services.

Nowadays, Yitao has been exporting to more than 100 countries through 6 continents. It can operate flawlessly in any road and climate conditions (-40/+70° degrees). Yitao has the widest product range in the world with more than 1000 different types of air springs , hundreds types of air suspension shock and air compressors which are produced. Yitao can meet any demand and exceed all expectations with its extensive experience, high technology, skilled workforce and commitment to its partners.

Guangdong Yiconton Airspring Co., Ltd. (Yiconton), founded in January 2016, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Yitao Qianchao Vibration Control Technology Co., Ltd. Yiconton is the R & D and production base of Yitao Qianchao. Yiconton adopts the most cutting-edge manufacturing, and testing machines in the air spring industry. Yiconton is a smart factory, thanks to intellectual automatic system and automatic production line.

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